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A list of the academic staff (i.e. lecturers, senior lecturers, readers and professors) in fluids plus research staff with students.

Dr Anurag Agarwal
  • University Lecturer (CUED)
Dr Neil Arnold
  • Senior Lecturer (Geography)
Dr Nick Atkins
  • University Lecturer (CUED)
Prof Holger Babinsky
  • Professor of Aerodynamics (CUED)
Prof Crispin Barnes
  • Professor of Quantum Physics
Prof Jeremy Baumberg
  • Professor of Nanophotonics (Physics)
Prof Natalia Berloff
  • Professor of Applied Mathematics (DAMTP)
Dr Mike Bithell
  • Assistant Director of Research in Computing (Geography)
Dr Adam Boies
  • Lecturer (CUED)
  • Director of ANAM (Advanced Nanotube Application and Manufacturing) Initiative
Dr Ed Brambley
  • Royal Society University Research Fellow (DAMTP)
Prof Stewart Cant
  • Professor of Computational Engineering
Dr Silvana Cardoso
  • Reader in Fluid Mechanics and the Environment (CEB)
Prof Mike Cates
  • Lucasian Professor of Mathematics (DAMTP)
  • Royal Society Research Professor
Prof Colm-cille Caulfield
  • Professor of Environmental and Industrial Fluid Dynamics (BPI, DAMTP)
Dr Kevin Chalut
  • Royal Society University Research Fellow
Dr Pietro Cicuta
  • Reader in Physics (Physics)
Dr Fehmi Cirak
  • Reader in Computational Mechanics
Prof Cathie Clarke
  • Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics (IoA)
Dr Stuart Clarke
  • Reader in Physical Chemistry (Chemistry)
Dr Alex Copley
  • University Lecturer (Earth Sciences)
Dr John Coull
  • Research Fellow, Magdalene College (CUED)
Dr Otti Croze
  • Winton Advanced Research Fellow (Physics)
Dr Stuart Dalziel
  • Reader in Fluid Mechanics (DAMTP)
(01223) 337911
Prof Peter Davidson
  • Professor of Fluid Mechanics
Prof John Dennis
  • Professor of Chemical Reaction Engineering
ld389 Lorenzo di Michele
  • Oppenheimer Research Fellow
Prof Julian Dowdeswell
  • Professor of Physical Geography
Prof Dame Ann Dowling
  • Professor of Mechanical Engineering (CUED)
Dr Marie Edmonds
  • University Lecturer
Dr Erika Eiser
  • Reader in Soft Matter Physics
Dr David Fairen-Jimenez
  • Royal Society University Research Fellow
Dr Adrian Fisher
  • Reader in Electrochemistry (CEB)
Prof Daan Frenkel
  • 1968 Professor of Theoretical Chemistry (Chemistry)
Prof Lynn Gladden
  • Shell Professor of Chemical Engineering
Prof Ray Goldstein
  • Schlumberger Professor of Complex Physical Systems (DAMTP)
Prof Hans-Friedrich Graf
  • Professor of Environmental Systems Analysis
Dr Will Graham
  • Senior Lecturer (CUED)
Prof Zoran Hadzibabic
  • Professor of Physics (Physics)
Dr Chez Hall
  • Senior Lecturer (CUED)
Dr Bart Hallmark
  • University Lecturer (CEB)
Prof Peter Haynes
  • Professor of Applied Mathematics (DAMTP)
Dr Michael Herzog
  • Moran Lecturer in Climate Research (Geography)
Prof Simone Hochgreb
  • Professor of Experimental Combustion (CUED)
Prof Marian Holness
  • Professor of Petrology (Earth Sciences)
Prof Gary Hunt
  • Dyson Professor of Fluid Mechanics
Dr Andy Jardine
  • Senior Research Associate (Physics)
Prof Matthew Juniper
  • Professor of Mechanical Engineering (CUED)
Prof Clemens Kaminski
  • Professor of Chemical Physics
Dr Ulrich Keyser
  • Reader in Experimental Physics (Physics)
Prof Markus Kraft
  • Professor of Chemical Engineering (CEB)
Prof Alexei Lapkin
  • Professor of Sustainable Reaction Engineering (CEB)
Dr Henrik Latter
  • University Lecturer (DAMTP)
Dr Eric Lauga
  • Reader in Applied Mathematics (DAMTP)
Dr Dongfang Liang
  • University lecturer (CUED)
Prof Paul Linden
  • G I Taylor Professor Emeritus of Fluid Mechanics (DAMTP)
(01223) 337890
Prof John Lister
  • Professor of Fluid Dynamics
Prof Epaminondas ("Nondas") Mastorakos
  • Professor of Energy Technologies (CUED)
Prof Dan McKenzie
  • Emeritus Royal Society Professor of Earth Sciences
Dr Geoff Moggridge
  • Reader in Chemical Product Design
Dr Iris Möller
  • University Lecturer (Geography)
Dr Jerome Neufeld
  • University Lecturer (DAMTP, Earth Sciences, BPI)
  • Royal Society University Research Fellow
Prof Gordon Ogilvie
  • Professor of Mathematical Astrophysics (DAMTP)
Prof Clive Oppenheimer
  • Professor of Volcanology (Geography)
Prof Nigel Peake
  • Professor of Applied Mathematics (DAMTP)
  • Head of DAMTP
Prof Mike Proctor
  • Professor of Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics (DAMTP)
Prof John Pyle
  • Professor of Physical Chemistry
Dr Eric Rees
  • University Lecturer (CEB)
Dr Alex Routh
  • Reader in Colloid Science (CEB, BPI)
Dr John Rudge
  • University Lecturer (Earth Sciences)
Dr David Scott
  • Senior Lecturer (CEB)
Dr Andy Sederman
  • Assistant Director of Research
Dr Debora Sijacki
  • University Lecturer (IoA)
Dr Rob Smith
  • Royal Society University Research Fellow (Physics)
Dr Tom Spencer
  • Reader in Coastal Ecology and Geomorphology (Geography)
Prof Nedunchezhian ("Swami") Swaminathan
  • Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Dr John Taylor
  • University Lecturer (DAMTP)
Prof Eugene Terentjev
  • Professor of Polymer Physics (Physics)
Dr Christopher Tout
  • Reader in Astronomy (IoA)
Prof Paul Tucker
  • Rank Professor of Engineering (CUED)
Dr Nathalie Vriend
  • Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow (DAMTP)
(01223) 764043
Dr Andrew Wheeler
  • University Lecturer (CUED)
Prof Ian Wilson
  • Professor of Soft Solids and Surfaces (CEB)
Prof Andy Woods
  • BP Professor of Petroleum Science
  • Head of the BP Institute
Prof Grae Worster
  • Professor of Fluid Dynamics (DAMTP)
Dr Mark Wyatt
  • Reader in Astrophysics (IoA)
Dr Anna Young
  • CDT Fellow in Gas Turbine Aerodynamics
Dr Axel Zeitler
  • Reader in Chemical Engineering