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Cambridge Fluids Network


A list of the academic staff (i.e. lecturers, senior lecturers, readers and professors) in fluids plus research staff with students.

University Lecturer (CUED)
Dr Neil  Arnold
Senior Lecturer (Geography)
Dr Nick  Atkins
University Lecturer (CUED)
Prof Holger  Babinsky
Professor of Aerodynamics (CUED)
Prof Crispin  Barnes
Professor of Quantum Physics
Prof Jeremy  Baumberg
Professor of Nanophotonics (Physics)
Prof Natalia  Berloff
Professor of Applied Mathematics (DAMTP)
Dr Mike  Bithell
Assistant Director of Research in Computing (Geography)
Dr Adam  Boies
Lecturer (CUED)
Director of ANAM (Advanced Nanotube Application and Manufacturing) Initiative
Dr Ed  Brambley
Royal Society University Research Fellow (DAMTP)
Prof Stewart  Cant
Professor of Computational Engineering
Dr Silvana  Cardoso
Reader in Fluid Mechanics and the Environment (CEB)
Prof Mike  Cates
Lucasian Professor of Mathematics (DAMTP)
Royal Society Research Professor
Prof Colm-cille  Caulfield
Professor of Environmental and Industrial Fluid Dynamics (BPI, DAMTP)
Dr Kevin  Chalut
Royal Society University Research Fellow
Dr Pietro  Cicuta
Reader in Physics (Physics)
Dr Fehmi  Cirak
Reader in Computational Mechanics
Prof Cathie  Clarke
Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics (IoA)
Dr Stuart  Clarke
Reader in Physical Chemistry (Chemistry)
Dr Alex  Copley
University Lecturer (Earth Sciences)
Dr John  Coull
Research Fellow, Magdalene College (CUED)
Dr Otti  Croze
Winton Advanced Research Fellow (Physics)
Dr Stuart  Dalziel
Reader in Fluid Mechanics (DAMTP)
(01223) 337911
Prof Peter  Davidson
Professor of Fluid Mechanics
Prof John  Dennis
Professor of Chemical Reaction Engineering
ld389 Lorenzo  di Michele
Oppenheimer Research Fellow
Prof Julian  Dowdeswell
Professor of Physical Geography
Prof Dame Ann  Dowling
Professor of Mechanical Engineering (CUED)
Dr Marie  Edmonds
Dr Erika  Eiser
Reader in Soft Matter Physics
Dr David  Fairen-Jimenez
Royal Society University Research Fellow
Dr Adrian  Fisher
Reader in Electrochemistry (CEB)
Prof Daan  Frenkel
1968 Professor of Theoretical Chemistry (Chemistry)
Prof Lynn  Gladden
Shell Professor of Chemical Engineering
Prof Ray  Goldstein
Schlumberger Professor of Complex Physical Systems (DAMTP)
Prof Hans-Friedrich  Graf
Professor of Environmental Systems Analysis
Dr Will  Graham
Senior Lecturer (CUED)
Prof Zoran  Hadzibabic
Professor of Physics (Physics)
Dr Chez  Hall
Senior Lecturer (CUED)
Dr Bart  Hallmark
University Lecturer (CEB)
Prof Peter  Haynes
Professor of Applied Mathematics (DAMTP)
Dr Michael  Herzog
Moran Lecturer in Climate Research (Geography)
Prof Simone  Hochgreb
Professor of Experimental Combustion (CUED)
Prof Marian  Holness
Professor of Petrology (Earth Sciences)
Prof Gary  Hunt
Dyson Professor of Fluid Mechanics
Dr Andy  Jardine
Senior Research Associate (Physics)
Prof Matthew  Juniper
Professor of Mechanical Engineering (CUED)
Prof Clemens  Kaminski
Professor of Chemical Physics
Dr Ulrich  Keyser
Reader in Experimental Physics (Physics)
Prof Markus  Kraft
Professor of Chemical Engineering (CEB)
Prof Alexei  Lapkin
Professor of Sustainable Reaction Engineering (CEB)
Dr Henrik  Latter
University Lecturer (DAMTP)
Dr Eric  Lauga
Reader in Applied Mathematics (DAMTP)
Dr Dongfang  Liang
University lecturer (CUED)
Prof Paul  Linden
G I Taylor Professor Emeritus of Fluid Mechanics (DAMTP)
(01223) 337890
Prof John  Lister
Professor of Fluid Dynamics
Prof Epaminondas ("Nondas")  Mastorakos
Professor of Energy Technologies (CUED)
Prof Dan  McKenzie
Emeritus Royal Society Professor of Earth Sciences
Dr Geoff  Moggridge
Reader in Chemical Product Design
Dr Iris  Möller
University Lecturer (Geography)
Dr Jerome  Neufeld
University Lecturer (DAMTP, Earth Sciences, BPI)
Royal Society University Research Fellow
Prof Gordon  Ogilvie
Professor of Mathematical Astrophysics (DAMTP)
Prof Clive  Oppenheimer
Professor of Volcanology (Geography)
Prof Nigel  Peake
Professor of Applied Mathematics (DAMTP)
Head of DAMTP
Prof Mike  Proctor
Professor of Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics (DAMTP)
Prof John  Pyle
Professor of Physical Chemistry
Dr Eric  Rees
University Lecturer (CEB)
Dr Alex  Routh
Reader in Colloid Science (CEB, BPI)
Dr John  Rudge
University Lecturer (Earth Sciences)
Dr David  Scott
Senior Lecturer (CEB)
Dr Andy  Sederman
Assistant Director of Research
Dr Debora  Sijacki
Dr Rob  Smith
Royal Society University Research Fellow (Physics)
Dr Tom  Spencer
Reader in Coastal Ecology and Geomorphology (Geography)
Prof Nedunchezhian ("Swami")  Swaminathan
Dr John  Taylor
University Lecturer (DAMTP)
Prof Eugene  Terentjev
Professor of Polymer Physics (Physics)
Dr Christopher  Tout
Reader in Astronomy (IoA)
Prof Paul  Tucker
Rank Professor of Engineering (CUED)
Dr Nathalie  Vriend
Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow (DAMTP)
(01223) 764043
Dr Andrew  Wheeler
University Lecturer (CUED)
Prof Ian  Wilson
Professor of Soft Solids and Surfaces (CEB)
Prof Andy  Woods
BP Professor of Petroleum Science
Head of the BP Institute
Prof Grae  Worster
Professor of Fluid Dynamics (DAMTP)
Dr Mark  Wyatt
Reader in Astrophysics (IoA)
Dr Anna  Young
CDT Fellow in Gas Turbine Aerodynamics
Dr Axel  Zeitler
Reader in Chemical Engineering