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Dr Christopher Tout

Specialist research areas

Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics:



    • mass transfer in binary stars by Bondi-Hoyle-Lyttleton accretion

Accretion discs

    • warped accretion discs around quasars and black holes

Planet-disc interactions

    • migration of planets through accretion discs

Stellar jets

    • formation of jets in accreting components of binary stars

Stellar winds and outflows

    • Mass loss from stars, pressure, radiation and dust driven winds, binary enhancement of stellar winds



Buoyancy-driven instability

    • convection in stars

Double diffusive convection

    • semi-convection and thermohaline-like mixing in stars

MHD and Electrohydrodynamics:


Dynamo theory

    • magnetic dynamos in stars from the main-sequence to white dwarfs

Magneto convection

    • evolution of magnetic fields in differentially rotating stellar convection zones

Departments and Institutes

Institute of Astronomy (IoA):

Collaborators outside this directory



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Approximate methods

    • Perturbation techniques



    • Direct numerical simulation

Particle-based methods

    • Smoothed-particle hydrodynamics