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Dr John Taylor

Specialist research areas

Boundary Layers:


Free shear layers

    • stratified shear layers - instabilities and turbulence



Buoyant boundary layers

    • oceanic convection

Geophysical Flows:


Air/sea interactions

    • oceanic convection

Baroclinic flows

    • baroclinic instability, sub-mesoscale dynamics, fronts, frontal instability

Geostrophic turbulence

    • energy cascade in geophysical flows

Ice sheets

    • ice-shelf/ocean boundary layer

Internal waves

    • internal wave breaking and mixing

Mixing and dispersion

    • ocean mixing, tracer dispersal

Ocean circulation

    • mesoscale, sub-mesoscale dynamics

Ocean processes

    • influence of ocean dynamics on biology

Rotating flows

    • symmetric instability

Waves in rotating fluids

    • near-inertial waves, wave radiation from fronts



Transition to turbulence

    • transition in stratified turbulence



Turbulent mixing

    • high Schmidt number scalar mixing

Turbulent Flows:


Shear layer turbulence

    • transient growth in stratified shear layers

Stratified turbulence

    • stratified plane-Couette flow

Turbulence modelling

    • RANS models, influence of stratification

Turbulence simulation

    • DNS, LES, ocean models

Waves/Free-surface Flows:


Channel flow

    • stratified channel flow

Departments and Institutes

Applied Maths (DAMTP):