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Dr Rob Smith

Dr Rob Smith

Royal Society University Research Fellow (Physics)

Specialist research areas

Turbulent Flows:


Compressible turbulence

    • studies in ultra-cold (superfluid) Bose gases in homogeneous optical trap

Homogeneous turbulence

    • shaken box-trapped Bose gases

Turbulence simulation

    • using ultra-cold atoms as a quantum simulator, Gross-Pitaevskii equation

Wave-turbulence interactions

    • weak-wave turbulence in Bose gas with tuneable interactions

Vortex Flows:


Vortex dynamics

    • superfluid flow experiments with ultra-cold Bose gases

Departments and Institutes



Collaborators outside this directory

  • Dr Nir Navon - Department of Physics, University of Cambridge

Application Areas


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    • Micro-/nano-scale

Measurement techniques

    • Light absorption

Data analysis techniques

    • Fourier analysis
    • Image processing