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Dr Stuart Dalziel

Dr Stuart Dalziel

Reader in Fluid Mechanics (DAMTP)

Office Phone: (01223) 337911

Specialist research areas

Complex Fluids:


Granular media

    • collapses, segregation, Richtmyer-Meshkov instability, fluid interactions



Buoyancy-driven instability

    • Rayleigh-Taylor instability; Richtmyer-Meshkov instability


    • plume properties, applications to atmospheric convection

Taylor-Couette flow

    • stratified Taylor-Couette flow


Drops and Bubbles:


    • dissolved air flotation; bubble growth

Geophysical Flows:


Baroclinic flows

    • rotating hydraulics, eddies, baroclinic instability

Coastal engineering

    • flushing of embayments

Geostrophic turbulence

    • turbulence in rotating, stratified fluids

Gravity currents

    • effects of geometry, stratification, suspended particles, topography

Hydraulic control

    • effects of rotation, multi-layer

Internal waves

    • lee waves, internal wave attractors, interaction with shear layers, parametric subharmonic instability

Mixing and dispersion

    • mixing efficiency, identification of mixing events, mixing mechanisms

Rotating flows

    • rotating turbulence, rotating plumes, rotating hydraulics

Sediment transport

    • turbidity currents; re-suspension

Stratified flows

    • turbulence and mixing

Waves in rotating fluids

    • role of inertial waves in rotating turbulence

Interfacial Flows:


Fingering instability

    • in rapidly rotating systems

Thin films

    • reactions in rapidly rotating systems; decontamination



Turbulent mixing

    • stratified turbulence and mixing efficiency

Multiphase and Particle-laden Flows:


Particle/fluid flow

    • re-suspension; bubble-floc interactions; droplet-granular material interaction

Turbulent Flows:


Rotating turbulence

    • decay; role of inertial waves

Shear layer turbulence

    • stratified shear flows, inclined duct experiments

Stratified turbulence

    • source-sink driven turbulence, inclined duct and mixing box experiments

Turbulent convection

    • plumes, thermals, jets and fountains

Wave-turbulence interactions

    • internal wave generation by turbulence

Vortex Flows:


Vortex interactions

    • vortex ring interaction with stratification; interaction with particle beds

Waves/Free-surface Flows:


Faraday waves

    • reactive flows and materials processing

Departments and Institutes

Applied Maths (DAMTP):