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Dr Tom Spencer

Dr Tom Spencer

Reader in Coastal Ecology and Geomorphology (Geography)

Specialist research areas

Geophysical Flows:


Air/sea interactions

    • Southern North Sea storm surges, tide-surge-wave interactions

Coastal engineering

    • 'soft' engineering of coastal managed realignments; landscape effects of structures


    • storm impacts on wetlands, dunes, soft rock cliffs

Ocean processes

    • sea level variation, including inter-annual variability on wetland and coral reef surfaces

River dynamics

    • sediment supply to coastal ecosystems

Sediment transport

    • sediment transport, sedimentation and accretion in coastal wetlands (saltmarshes and mangroves)

Shallow water flows

    • wave energy dissipation over saltmarsh surfaces (field and flume)

Waves/Free-surface Flows:


Surface gravity waves

    • wave modification by vegetated intertidal wetland surfaces

Wave breaking

    • wave breaking over wetland surfaces (field and flume)

Departments and Institutes