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Prof Colm-cille Caulfield

Prof Colm-cille Caulfield

Professor of Environmental and Industrial Fluid Dynamics (BPI, DAMTP)

Specialist research areas




    • plume models, time-dependent effects, nonlinear mixing

Taylor-Couette flow

    • stratified Taylor-Couette flow, mixing & transition

Flow Control:


Instability control

    • nonlinear flow stabilisation using adjoint methods

Mixing enhancement

    • optimising mixing using adjoint methods

Geophysical Flows:


Internal waves

    • stability of internal waves

Mixing and dispersion

    • stratified mixing

Ocean processes

    • parameterisation of small-scale oceanic mixing

Stratified flows

    • instability, transition and mixing in stratified shear flows



Nonlinear instability

    • nonlinear instability identification using adjoint methods

Transition to turbulence

    • minimal seeds and subcritical transition using adjoint methods

Mathematical Foundations:


Variational methods

    • direct-adjoint methods for generalised stability theory



Turbulent mixing

    • stratified mixing in Taylor-Couette flow, turbulent mixing induced by shear instabilities

Turbulent Flows:


Shear layer turbulence

    • transition

Stratified turbulence

    • transition and mixing

Vortex Flows:


Vortex shedding

    • vortex shedding around flapping structures/propulsion and energy extraction