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Prof Mike Proctor

Prof Mike Proctor

Professor of Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics (DAMTP)

Specialist research areas



Bénard convection

    • pattern formation, boundary layers, heat transport

Geophysical Flows:



    • mean field models, magnetostrophic limit, rapid rotation effects

Mantle convection

    • pattern formation (theoretical)



Absolute/convective instability

    • influence of distant boundaries, spatially extended modes, secondary instabilities

Nonlinear instability

    • energy methods, necessary condiations

Parametric instability

    • simple models and weakly nonlinear behaviour

Materials Processing Flows:



    • magnetic levitation

Mathematical Foundations:


Topological fluid dynamics

    • fast dynamo theory

MHD and Electrohydrodynamics:


Dynamo theory

    • fundamentals, mean field models, convective dynamos, stellar dynamo models

Magneto convection

    • instabilities, pattern formation, numerical modelling, relation to observations

MHD turbulence

    • convective turbulence with magnetic fields



Chaotic advection

    • turbulent diffusivity, mean field dynamos

Nonlinear Dynamical Systems:



    • effects of symmetry and high codimension


    • simple ODE models of chaos with symmetries

Low-dimensional models

    • weakly nonlinear theory, normal forms

Pattern formation

    • influence of symmetry

Departments and Institutes

Applied Maths (DAMTP):