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Prof Nigel Peake

Prof Nigel Peake

Professor of Applied Mathematics (DAMTP)

Head of DAMTP

Specialist research areas




    • noise generation by aircraft engines and airframes, wind-turbine noise

Hydrodynamic noise

    • turbomachinery noise and fluid-structure interaction; vibrations

Jet noise

    • noise generation by jet-airframe interaction

Noise control

    • passive control of trailing-edge noise

Biological Fluid Dynamics:



    • silent flight of owls

Boundary Layers:


Boundary layer stability

    • absolute, convective and global stability; stability of flows with random perturbations



Absolute/convective instability

    • wakes, boundary layers

Transition to turbulence

    • rotating flows

Waves/Free-surface Flows:


Wave-structure interactions

    • underwater applications, heavy fluid loading

Departments and Institutes

Applied Maths (DAMTP):