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Prof Peter Haynes

Prof Peter Haynes

Professor of Applied Mathematics (DAMTP)

Specialist research areas

Geophysical Flows:


Atmospheric flows

    • large-scale flow in troposphere and stratosphere

Baroclinic flows

    • role of baroclinic eddies in large-scale circulation

Geostrophic turbulence

    • beta-plane turbulence - connections between dynamics and transport/mixing

Internal waves

    • role in large-scale dynamics, also potentially in condensation/dehydration


    • dynamics of climate system on timescales of weeks to decades

Mixing and dispersion

    • mathematical, e.g. stochastic, models, also calculations using large-scale atmospheric data

Ocean circulation

    • particularly transport of particles, transport and mixing of tracers

Quasi-geostrophic flows

    • turbulence, baroclinic flows, etc



Chaotic advection

    • application of theoretical ideas to realistic atmosphere/ocean flows

Turbulent mixing

    • mathematical, e.g. stochastic, models

Departments and Institutes

Applied Maths (DAMTP):