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This part of the website gives details of the research experience of Cambridge fluids researchers. Click on the subjects in the left-hand menu for a list of people who have research expertise in that area. Each person has also selected sub-topics within each area and given further brief details of their experience.

The subject index below lists all sub-topics in alphabetical order, with a link to the parent fluids theme.


Subject Index

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A Absolute/convective instability Instability Return to top
Accretion Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics
Accretion discs Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics
Aeroacoustics Acoustics
Aerosols/atomization Drops and Bubbles
Air/sea interactions Geophysical and Geological Flows
Alluvial dynamics Multiphase and Particle-laden Flows
Atmospheric flows Geophysical and Geological Flows
B Baroclinic flows Geophysical and Geological Flows Return to top
Bénard convection Convection
Bifurcation Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Bioconvection Biological Fluid Dynamics
Biomedical flows Biological Fluid Dynamics
Blood flow Biological Fluid Dynamics
Boiling Drops and Bubbles
Boundary integral methods Low-Reynolds-number flows
Boundary layer control Boundary Layers
Boundary layer receptivity Boundary Layers
Boundary layer separation Boundary Layers
Boundary layer stability Boundary Layers
Boundary layer structure Boundary Layers
Breakup/coalescence Drops and Bubbles
Bubble dynamics Drops and Bubbles
Buoyancy-driven instability Convection
Buoyant boundary layers Convection
C Capillary flows Interfacial Flows (free surface) Return to top
Capillary waves Waves/Free-surface Flows
Capsule/cell dynamics Biological Fluid Dynamics
Cavitation Drops and Bubbles
Channel flow Waves/Free-surface Flows
Chaos Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Chaotic advection Mixing
Coastal engineering Geophysical and Geological Flows
Coating Materials Processing Flows
Colloids Complex Fluids
Combustion Reacting Flows
Compressible boundary layers Compressible Flows
Compressible turbulence Turbulent Flows
Computational methods Mathematical Foundations
Condensation/evaporation Phase change
Contact lines Interfacial Flows (free surface)
Contour dynamics Vortex Flows
Control theory Flow Control
Convection in cavities Convection
Convection in porous media Convection
Core-annular flow Multiphase and Particle-laden Flows
Critical layers Waves/Free-surface Flows
D Detonation waves Compressible Flows Return to top
Detonations Reacting Flows
Dielectrics Complex Fluids
Double diffusive convection Convection
Drag reduction Flow Control
Drops Drops and Bubbles
Dynamo theory MHD and Electrohydrodynamics
E Elastic waves Waves/Free-surface Flows Return to top
Electrohydrodynamic effects Drops and Bubbles
Emulsions Complex Fluids
F Faraday waves Waves/Free-surface Flows Return to top
Fingering instability Interfacial Flows (free surface)
Flames Reacting Flows
Flow-structure interactions Aerodynamics
Flow-vessel interactions Biological Fluid Dynamics
Fluidized beds Multiphase and Particle-laden Flows
Foams Complex Fluids
Fractals Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Free shear layers Boundary Layers
G Galactic jets Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics Return to top
Gas dynamics Compressible Flows
Gas/liquid flow Multiphase and Particle-laden Flows
General fluid mechanics Mathematical Foundations
Geodynamo Geophysical and Geological Flows
Geostrophic turbulence Geophysical and Geological Flows
Granular media Complex Fluids
Granular mixing Mixing
Gravity currents Geophysical and Geological Flows
H Hamiltonian theory Mathematical Foundations Return to top
Hele-Shaw flows Low-Reynolds-number flows
High-Hartmann-number flows MHD and Electrohydrodynamics
High-speed flow Aerodynamics
Homogeneous turbulence Turbulent Flows
Hydraulic control Geophysical and Geological Flows
Hydraulics Waves/Free-surface Flows
Hydrodynamic noise Acoustics
I Ice sheets Geophysical and Geological Flows Return to top
Icing Phase change
Instability control Flow Control
Intermittency Turbulent Flows
Internal waves Geophysical and Geological Flows
ISM jets and outflows Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics
Isotropic turbulence Turbulent Flows
J Jet noise Acoustics Return to top
Jets Wakes/Jets
K Kinetic theory Rarefied Gas Flow Return to top
L Laminar reacting flows Reacting Flows Return to top
Liquid bridges Interfacial Flows (free surface)
Liquid crystals Complex Fluids
Low-dimensional models Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Lubrication theory Low-Reynolds-number flows
M Magma and lava flow Geophysical and Geological Flows Return to top
Magnetic fluids MHD and Electrohydrodynamics
Magneto convection MHD and Electrohydrodynamics
Magnetohydrodynamics Materials Processing Flows
Mantle convection Geophysical and Geological Flows
Marangoni convection Convection
Membranes Biological Fluid Dynamics
MEMS/NEMS Micro-/Nano-fluid dynamics
Meteorology Geophysical and Geological Flows
MHD turbulence MHD and Electrohydrodynamics
Microelectronics Materials Processing Flows
Microfluidics Micro-/Nano-fluid dynamics
Micro-organism dynamics Biological Fluid Dynamics
Mixing and dispersion Geophysical and Geological Flows
Mixing enhancement Flow Control
Moist convection Convection
Molecular dynamics Rarefied Gas Flow
Morphological instability Phase change
Multiphase flow Multiphase and Particle-laden Flows
N Navier-Stokes equations Mathematical Foundations Return to top
Noise control Acoustics
Non-continuum effects Micro-/Nano-fluid dynamics
Nonlinear instability Instability
O Ocean circulation Geophysical and Geological Flows Return to top
Ocean processes Geophysical and Geological Flows
P Parametric instability Instability Return to top
Particle/fluid flow Multiphase and Particle-laden Flows
Pattern formation Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Peristaltic pumping Biological Fluid Dynamics
Pipe flow boundary layer Boundary Layers
Planet-disc interactions Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics
Plasmas MHD and Electrohydrodynamics
Plastic materials Non-Newtonian Flows
Plumes/thermals Convection
Polymer processing Materials Processing Flows
Polymers Non-Newtonian Flows
Porous media Low-Reynolds-number flows
Propulsion Biological Fluid Dynamics
Protoplanetary discs Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics
Pulmonary fluid mechanics Biological Fluid Dynamics
Q Quantum fluids Complex Fluids Return to top
Quasi-geostrophic flows Geophysical and Geological Flows
R Reacting multiphase flow Multiphase and Particle-laden Flows Return to top
Rheology Non-Newtonian Flows
River dynamics Geophysical and Geological Flows
Rotating flows Geophysical and Geological Flows
Rotating turbulence Turbulent Flows
S Sea ice Geophysical and Geological Flows Return to top
Sediment transport Geophysical and Geological Flows
Separated flows Wakes/Jets
Shallow water flows Geophysical and Geological Flows
Shear layer turbulence Turbulent Flows
Shear layers Wakes/Jets
Shear waves Waves/Free-surface Flows
Shock waves Compressible Flows
Slender-body theory Low-Reynolds-number flows
Solidification/melting Phase change
Solitary waves Waves/Free-surface Flows
Sonoluminescence Drops and Bubbles
Stellar jets Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics
Stellar winds and outflows Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics
Stokesian dynamics Low-Reynolds-number flows
Stratified flows Geophysical and Geological Flows
Stratified turbulence Turbulent Flows
Surface gravity waves Waves/Free-surface Flows
Suspensions Complex Fluids
Swimming/flying Biological Fluid Dynamics
T Taylor-Couette flow Convection Return to top
Thermocapillarity Drops and Bubbles
Thin films Interfacial Flows (free surface)
Topographic effects Geophysical and Geological Flows
Topological fluid dynamics Mathematical Foundations
Transition to turbulence Instability
Turbulence control Turbulent Flows
Turbulence modelling Turbulent Flows
Turbulence simulation Turbulent Flows
Turbulence theory Turbulent Flows
Turbulent boundary layers Turbulent Flows
Turbulent convection Turbulent Flows
Turbulent mixing Mixing
Turbulent reacting flows Reacting Flows
Turbulent transition Turbulent Flows
V Variational methods Mathematical Foundations Return to top
Viscoelasticity Non-Newtonian Flows
Vortex breakdown Vortex Flows
Vortex dynamics Vortex Flows
Vortex instability Vortex Flows
Vortex interactions Vortex Flows
Vortex shedding Vortex Flows
Vortex streets Wakes/Jets
W Wakes Wakes/Jets Return to top
Wave breaking Waves/Free-surface Flows
Wave scattering Waves/Free-surface Flows
Waves in random media Acoustics
Waves in rotating fluids Geophysical and Geological Flows
Wave-structure interactions Waves/Free-surface Flows
Wave-turbulence interactions Turbulent Flows
Wind-wave interactions Waves/Free-surface Flows