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People specializing in this area


Dr Anurag Agarwal


Flow-structure interactions

    • wheezing in lungs, stenosis and honking in heart valves

Prof Holger Babinsky


High-speed flow

    • transonic and supersonic flow, shock wave / boundary layer interaction

Dr Stephen Cowley


High-speed flow

    • separation, transition to turbulence

Dr Chez Hall


Flow-structure interactions

    • installation-turbomachinery interaction for jet engine propulsion systems

High-speed flow

    • transonic fans and nacelles

Prof Matthew Juniper


Flow-structure interactions

    • masters level course in flow structure interaction

Prof Paul Tucker


High-speed flow

    • aircraft engines

Dr Andrew Wheeler


High-speed flow

    • transonic flows in turbines - aerodynamics and heat transfer; real-gas effects in high speed flows related to transonic turbines used for heat recovery applications