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MHD and Electrohydrodynamics

People specializing in this area


Dr Henrik Latter


MHD turbulence

    • Accretion discs


    • very hot accretion flows and the intracluster medium

Prof Gordon Ogilvie


MHD turbulence

    • magnetorotational turbulence and dynamo

Prof Mike Proctor


Dynamo theory

    • fundamentals, mean field models, convective dynamos, stellar dynamo models

Magneto convection

    • instabilities, pattern formation, numerical modelling, relation to observations

MHD turbulence

    • convective turbulence with magnetic fields

Dr Christopher Tout


Dynamo theory

    • magnetic dynamos in stars from the main-sequence to white dwarfs

Magneto convection

    • evolution of magnetic fields in differentially rotating stellar convection zones