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(a) "Volvox and flow field generated by beating cilia (DAMTP, Biological Fluids)"

Composite of the following two images:

Edits: Images cropped and resized to fit 883 x 431 carousel template.

(b) "Vortex ring impinging on fresh/salt water interface (MUST)"

Image provided by Jason Olsthoorn (DAMTP). Further information on the experiments may be found in the following paper:

Olsthoorn, J. and S.B. Dalziel (2015) Vortex-ring-induced stratified mixing. J. Fluid Mech. 781, 113-126.

Fluids themes

A Deluge, with a Falling Mountain and Collapsing Town (c. 1515), Leonardo da Vinci

Edits: Cropped, hue adjusted, resized.


Smoke plumes from chimneys of a power plant in Helsinki, Finland. Author: Pöllö.

Edits: Cropped, resized.


Reynolds, O. (1883) "An Experimental Investigation of the Circumstances Which Determine Whether the Motion of Water Shall Be Direct or Sinuous, and of the Law of Resistance in Parallel Channels." Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. 174, 935-982. Figure 13.

Edits: cropped, figure isolated, contrast adjusted, resized.