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Cambridge Fluids Network


This section gives details of courses taught to undergraduates and graduates in Cambridge University as part of a Bachelor or Masters degree course. The following departments run courses of relevance to fluid mechanics. Follow the links, right, to see courses scheduled for each term in the academic year 2015-16.


Applied Mathematics (DAMTP)

Undergraduates taking the 3-year Mathematics Tripos begin by studying pure, applied and applicable mathematics, and then usually specializing to one of the three. Fluid mechanics is offered in Part IB and Part II.

Graduates may continue on to Part III, an additional year of study offering a substantial number of specialised fluids courses. See the list for 2015-16 of courses in continuum mechanics and astrophysics for full details.



Chemical Engineering (CEB)




Earth Sciences


Engineering (CUED)

The 4-year Engineering Tripos offers...