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Applied Mathematics (DAMTP)

Course title Lecturer(s) Lectures
Part II
Fluid Dynamics Dr Eric Lauga 24
Part III
Fluid Dynamics of the Environment Dr Stuart Dalziel
Prof Andy Woods
Dr Nathalie Vriend
Hydrodynamic Stability Prof Colm-cille Caulfield 24
Slow Viscous Flow Prof John Lister 24
Fluid Dynamics of the Solid Earth Dr Jerome Neufeld 16
Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics Prof Gordon Ogilvie 24
Magnetohydrodynamics Prof Michael Proctor 16


Engineering (CUED)

Course title Lecturer(s) Lectures
Part IB
Thermofluid Mechanics [2P4]* Dr R Garcia-Mayoral
Dr Adam Boies 
Part IIA
Fluid Mechanics I [3A1]* Dr Will Graham
Dr Jie Li 
Fluid Mechanics II [3A3]* Prof Stewart Cant
Dr Jerome Jarrett 
Water Engineering [3D5] Dr Dongfang Liang
Dr Allan McRobie 
Part IIB
Computational Fluid Dynamics [4A2] Prof Paul Tucker 8
Turbomachinery [4A3] Dr Nick Atkins
Prof Liping Xu 
Aircraft Stability and Control [4A4]* Dr Will Graham 8/14
Aerodynamics [4A7] Dr Jerome Jarrett
Prof Bill Dawes 
Aeroacoustics [4A15]

Dr Anurag Agarwal
Prof Nigel Peake
Prof Ann Dowling 


 *Continues in Lent 2016


Chemical Engineering (CEB)

Course title Lecturer(s) Lectures
Part I
Fluid Mechanics Dr Mark Williamson 16
Homogeneous Reactors Dr Carmine D'Agostino 8
Part IIA
Equilibrium Thermodynamics Dr Geoff Moggridge 16
Separations Prof Howard Chase 16
Bioprocessing Dr Graham Christie 12
Part IIB
Rheology and Processing Dr Bart Hallmark 16
Advanced Transport Processes Prof John Dennis 16
Electrochemical Engineering Dr Adrian Fisher 16

Further information on Chemical Engineering Tripos here.